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Why You Should Book a Tour with Tourzy.

Going on a vacation is absolutely necessary sometimes. Whether it be to lounge on the beach or go see a new city or country, it is a way to clear your mind, relax, and expand your horizons. It can be difficult to know where to go when visiting a new country or even just a new city for the first time, especially if you don’t speak the language there.

Many people opt to look on sites like TripAdvisor or Airbnb to find someone who can give them a tour of the city, but these tours are often done by people who take large buses and just get everyone in and out of each place too quickly. You don’t want to be stuck on a large bus with a bunch of other tourists; you want to truly experience the new town! Using Tourzy is a way to get the experience of a lifetime that you’re craving.

Getting a Unique Experience

With Tourzy, you get a totally unique experience. You’re not going to get the same bus ride that every single person who has visited the country has been getting; you will get a tour with a local who can take you to all of the off-beaten, unvisited parts of the town.

You won’t get dropped off at the most expensive restaurant in the country; you’ll get the secret local places where the tacos are a dollar and the businesses are personal and friendly. You can also get tours in much smaller groups than you could with other tour companies; you don’t have to be stuck with 100 other people. You can even get private tours if that’s what you’re looking for; it’s all totally up to you.

Supporting Locals

Using Tourzy is different than many other companies that you might want to book with because Tourzy is all done with locals rather than big corporations. You won’t be booking tours with Carnival cruise when you use Tourzy; you’ll be booking straight with a local who can take you to all of the unknown locations in the country.

This helps you support local families and businesses rather than just the big guys. It also means that your business will be more personal and caring; you’ll definitely notice the personal touches as you take your tour. You’ll also notice that the locals have your interest in mind; they are far more interested in sharing the beauty that is their country than having your money in their pockets.

Making New Friends

Using Tourzy is an opportunity to make new friends with people that crave intimate, personal travel experiences over other tours. You’ll get the chance to meet people from all different countries, both those who are participating in the tour with you as well as the locals you’ll meet as you go see different places around the city.

Your local tour guide will know all of the locals and the best places to go, so you’ll get to meet people that love working with tourists. You’ll also meet people with your same interests in mind because you’ll be able to request exactly what parts of the country you want to go visit. After quarantine, everyone will be looking to get out there and meet new people, so this is a great opportunity for you to make new friends all over the world.

Getting Customized Tours

Here’s something neat that you won’t get with big companies that do tours: you’ll often have the chance to completely customize your tour with Tourzy. Trust us when we say that big buses full of people will not let you turn around and stop for an hour to visit a monument that you want to see. Tourzy will let you do just that; if you have something specific you want to see, you’ll be able to go and see it.

You can also tell your local tour guide your preferences; if you’re looking for a tour of the best beaches in town, you can ask for that. If you’re looking for a tour of all the greatest bars and restaurants, you can do that too. The experience that you’ll have with Tourzy is totally personal and customizable, which means you’ll get to do exactly what you want to without having to break the bank.

Save Money

With Tourzy, you’ll save money over lots of the other big, expensive tour companies. This is because your rate is between you and the tour guide that you’re working with. Some companies develop their tours and then take 70% of the money, leaving little money to the tour guide who’s actually doing the work.

With Tourzy, you can get a cheap service because it’s going to your local tour guide instead of a corporation. You can also search our database of tour guides to find the best deals for what you want to do, which means you’ll never be left paying more than you want to.

Customer Service

Tourzy has stellar customer service. If you’ve ever had issues when booking a vacation through a big company, you’re not alone. Here’s the issue – once they have your money, it is extremely hard to contact them. You’ll be left on hold for hours until your call drops; you have no choice but to wait and hope that your problems can be resolved.

When you work with Tourzy, you’re working with a company that cares about you. You and the local tour guides that you chat with will always receive the best care and service from a small company that cares about you. We want you to have the best experience possible, so we couple that with the best customer service available in the travel industry.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or looking to go abroad for the first time, you should find your tours with locals, not with big companies. Using Tourzy, you can find all of the best-hidden gems in cities and countries around the world.

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