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Practices found in high-performing organizations

There are few common denominators across successful and high-performing organizations in the supply chain business. Through quick research here are most of them.

Examples of practices found in high-performing organizations

1-End-to-end (E2E) coordination:

Integrative roles and E2E planning processes, for example:

  • Business process owners, eg, orchestrators of integrated business planning

  • E2E value-stream planners, eg, bridging highly- specialized functional verticals

  • E2E segment planners, eg, replacing traditional demand and supply planners

2-Performance metrics:

Consistent performance-management system across geographies and business units

  • Shared incentives for collaborative functions, eg, sales and supply chain

  • Quarterly reviews, with individual and team consequences as part of evaluations

3-Career mobility:

Fluid roles and assignments in the supply chain managed through the corporate HR team.

  • Cross-functional job rotations and mentorship programs

4-Decision rights:

Harmonized processes, with strict standards and segment-specific di­erentiation as needed

  • Organizational simplification, with standard roles and job titles

  • IT-enabled workflows based on formalized process maps.

5-Social cohesion:

Team co-location, or Investment in periodic team events, knowledge-sharing, and related initiatives.

6-Capability growth:

Internal capability-development programs, linking learning to business initiatives.

I hope this helps, let me know your opinions about them!

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