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K Ventures Launches Innovative and Comprehensive Online Platform of Influencers on Social Media.

The directory is the ultimate resource for influencers, their followers, and prospective sponsors.

San Diego, CA – Entrepreneur Khaled Alkulaib is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new online platform of reputable influencers on social media.

The platform, called Influent, is the world’s largest directory of top-rated influencers that enables users, followers, and prospective sponsors to search for them using a sophisticated online search engine.  The platform enables influencers to rise to a new level of visibility by helping them to reach new followers, brands, and sponsors from around the world.

“With Influent, we aim to use our global influencer directory and launchpad to help social media stars reach unlimited networking potential,” says Alkulaib.  “Our team fully understands how important social media influencers are to the global community, and Influent is here to help put you on the map.”

Influent works by enabling users to browse top-rated influencers from around the world in just a few easy steps.  Users can find influencers by filtering search terms such as category, location, content type, and even a specific marketing field.  The platform’s innovative search algorithm filters influencers by the most relevant content and unique industry input data, putting brands in touch with influential creators whose marketing reach extends directly to their target audience.

“Influencers are the future of marketing for businesses around the world,” says Alkulaib.  “By using influencers, companies get transparent and trustworthy content from expert advertisers who virtually have unlimited online marketing reach.  Influencers are pros at making a good impression, meaning you get an excellent return on your investment.  It truly is a win-win experience for all stakeholders.”

For more information about Influent, or to register, please visit  Interested parties can also follow the platform on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

About Influent

Influent is a global influencer directory and social media network for influencers, brands, advertisers, and followers, with access to an extensive variety of content and categories, including fashion, sports, travel, food, and much more.

The platform’s expanding network of prospective advertisers and corporate partners makes it easy to obtain sponsorship and promote products, services, attractions, and interests – all while building reputation as a top-rated influencer amongst international brands.

Contact Information

Khaled Alkulaib


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