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How You Can Make Money Hosting Activities in Your Home.

Since the quarantine began, you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot of time at home. At first, many people welcomed the idea of staying home all day, especially for those who had the chance to keep working but to do it from home.

Unfortunately, as time went on, it became less and less like a paradisiacal vacation and more and more like a dreadful prison. As quarantine begins to lift, you’ll probably be looking for ways to be more social, hang out with more people, and make a little bit more money.

Gathers is a platform that lets you do all three at once. You can host your space at home doing tons of different events and make money from being a host. It’s a way to invite people from all over the country and the world to spend time with you. Here are just a few examples of all of the different types of activities you could host with Gathers.

Hosting Sporting Events

Sporting events are coming back quickly, and they are one of the most-watched events on television. Everyone knows that sports are best watched in a group, but not everyone has a group of people to watch sports with or even a place to watch them.

You can host your home for sporting events and have tons of cool visitors watch with you, all of whom are interested in the exact same teams that you are! It’s an easy way to make new friends while making some extra cash. It also doesn’t require too much work; some snacks and a television are all that you really need to get started.

Watching Movies

Watching movies is another easy and fun activity that you can host with Gathers. It doesn’t take much time or work at all to set up an awesome movie night that can make you some extra money. You can look at new releases and find something popular coming out on Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming platform.

For example, Hamilton is coming out on Disney+ in July; if quarantine were over, that would be a great opportunity to host a movie night on Gathers and bring a ton of people over to your space. You can make new friends without having to leave the comfort of your home. It’s a great opportunity for easy money!

Video Game Events

Everyone loves to play video games, but not everyone can afford to go out and buy the newest games and consoles the second they come out. That’s why video game events are a great way to get people over to your place; if you have the newest console, there will be tons of people wanting to try it out.

Gathers is a way for you to pay off your new video games quickly; if you host one popular event, your gaming system and everything you bought with it can be completely paid off! You won’t have to worry about saving up for months on end to get the newest systems when you choose to host your home for events. Plus, you can meet new people who play the same games as you!

Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons are a fun and interactive way to meet new members of your community and tourists. Even if you aren’t the greatest chef, you can learn to make a signature dish from your area, and then you can learn to teach others to cook it as well! Tourists love eating food that’s made by locals, and they love learning to cook it themselves even more.

All you will need is the ingredients to cook and the space to do it; it also helps if you have space for people to park while they come and visit. This is an event that can cost a little bit more than a movie or sports nights, but it might come with the cost of having fewer people that can attend. Either way, if you have a passion for cooking, it’s a great option for you.

Visiting the Farm

If you have farmland, there is no question at all in the fact that you need to host your space. People love going to the farm, even if it’s just to visit. If you have animals, you can easily make an attraction for visitors, and you can make it unique by allowing visitors to meet different animals that they might not see on a daily basis.

You can up your game even more if you have horses that visitors can pet or even ride. Also, if you have an orchard or any crops growing, you can charge extra by allowing visitors to graze among the crops you have. Plus, if you’ve taken the time to build a beautiful farm, this is your chance to show off all of your hard work! You deserve to make some money off of your land.

Pool Parties

Hosting pool parties is a simple way to make a ton of cash. What’s awesome about a pool party is that you can have a ton of visitors over and you don’t really even need to host; you just need to make sure that everyone is being safe and having a good time. You can even lower your expenses by having people bring extra snacks; you literally have no expense!

You just get to have a great party at your home and make some money while you do it. In the case of a pool party, you might not be able to charge as much, but you can have dozens of visitors, so you’ll still make good money. You will also be able to meet new people and you might even find love, who knows!

Final Thoughts

Once the quarantine is over, you should waste no time in listing your home on Gathers and making some extra money. Everyone is looking to get out and socialize, so this is the perfect time for you to list your place!

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