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Employees’ Hygiene & Production Floor Sterilization Guidelines.

Employees’ Hygiene & Production floor Sterilization.

❏ All Employees accessing the production floor, handling area, incoming store, and final product store is obliged to take the COVID-19 questionnaire in the presence of QC personnel to guide them.

❏ The questionnaire is on this link.

❏ Each questionnaire should be documented including the employee’s name, number, time & date of the questionnaire, and the series of the questions asked with the corresponding


❏ All employees should be inquired for fever, tiredness, dry cough, any aches, and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, or diarrhea.

❏ Do a diagnostics test when the approved testing kits by the MOH are available. Document the results of each test with the name & number of the employee, and the time and date of the test.

❏ The body temperature of each employee is to be recorded and documented along with the

above-mentioned tests and questionnaires.

❏ The results of all tests above should be revised by a QC engineer in the presence of the medical personnel to issue a permit to enter the gowning area.

❏ Entry to the gowning area should be limited to one employee at a time.

❏ All production floor employees should wash their hands, according to the policy, and use any sterilizer provided by QC.

❏ All employees should wear the proper PPE including N95 masks, gowns, hair covering, gloves, nail protection for the ones with longer nails, and beards covering.

❏ QC has to test all employees after wearing PPE and issue the final approval to enter the

production floor.

❏ All employees should wash their hands and sterilize them every hour even if they haven't left the gowning area. There will be an alarm light that lightens up every hour to remind the

employees and this process will be conducted by QC to ensure everyone follows the


❏ Any employee who leaves the clean area must wash, sterilize, and wear a new set of PPE and discard the used ones in the designated area.

❏ All surfaces of the production floor have to be sterilized every hour with the proper sterilizer provided by the production manager and approved by the QC officer.

❏ Sterilizing of the surfaces will be conducted by the sterilization team every time the reminder light illuminates.

❏ All raw materials, packaging, tools, containers, or any other item that enters the production

the floor should be sterilized under the supervision of the QC officer in the pre-sterilized transition room.

❏ All final products in sealed boxes should be taken to the pre-sterilized area in the presence of the designated employees only.

❏ When the boxes are all transmitted to the transition room, the production floor has to be


❏ A permit should be issued by the QC officer to the warehouse employees to enter the

transition area and take the products to the warehouse.

❏ The transition area should be sterilized after their entry and prior to transferring additional

final products in the same area.

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