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3 Ways Furdah Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Throughout the pandemic, and even now, it has been difficult to find tons of commodities we used to take for granted. There have been shortages of everything, and food has been no exception. That’s the problem with food supply chains - so many steps can be disrupted; there’s production, packaging, shipping, distribution, and each step can be affected.

At Furdah, we seek to change the food game by directly connecting vendors of healthy, fresh foods with those seeking top quality produce, meat, and more. We want to make sustainable and organic foods available to everyone by delivering right to your doorstep. Whether you’re a farmer or a food connoisseur, Furdah can help you save time and money by connecting directly on our platform.

#1 Transforming Health

When you crack open high quality ingredients, you can taste the difference, and your body will know it too. Furdah has everything you could find at a farmer’s market: dairy, eggs, beef, poultry, bread, spreads, and sweets. Since everything is coming from our partnered farmers, you know you’re getting authentic, sustainable ingredients, without the fillers that you might find from other stores.

Rather than having to be transported, shipped, packaged, and placed on shelves, our products go straight from harvest to you. We verify our vendors to ensure that only the highest quality products are available on Furdah to be delivered right to your door.

#2 Saving Time

Searching through the store for healthy, organic food is a hassle, and oftentimes you’ll end up spending that time without even finding what you need. We make it easy to find everything you want in one place, and you don’t even need to leave the house.

You won’t need to worry about whether our products are in stock; we partner with many vendors to ensure that what you need is always available. Once you have found what you need, it will come straight to you, saving you the trip and giving you the time to cook up delicious meals.

#3 Saving Money

The best thing about Furdah is how connecting farmers to customers saves money and saves food waste. When food goes through the long supply chain to big box stores, there are often huge amounts of food waste from spoilage.

We help farmers sell their products directly to avoid the food waste, which in turn helps them sell more and lets consumers purchase products at lower prices. Saving money and saving the environment - it’s a win win!

Final Thoughts

We’re passionate about healthy, sustainable food being available at low prices for everyone. By helping eliminate food waste, farmers are able to yield higher profits while customers are able to save money on sustainable foods.

As a customer, you’ll save time by having the convenience of a farmer’s market at the click of a button. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account and get your first order going. Let us help you transform your health with organic products at your doorstep!

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